Jumat, 27 November 2009



In a simple hut ....
Knock, knock, knock ....! Soon there was a man opened the door. Krekkk! The door opened ... was a figure of middle-aged woman in front of him. His body was wrapped in a purple robe that looked very shabby. His face looked exhausted. Her skin is white and the rest of her beauty still shone when he smiled in welcome. This must be her mother Juminah. Way of smiling faces and have similarities.
"Aden .... Eu .... This Aden Henry, huh? "He recognized it immediately.
"Yeah ... Why, you know?" He said.
"Yes, the number like the story of Aden and a couple of times to send photos of Aden .... So she knew the face of Aden ...., "She said.
While Andra and Budy at each other, "Recommend this temen-temennya, Bu ... What is the name pakek Andra and the blue t-shirt, the name Budy ....," She said again as he introduced his friends one by one. We greet middle-aged woman's beauty.
"Please come in and sit down ....," She said, her eyes as if looking for something, "Eu ... Fri not come?" A sudden question startled him. Andra, Budy and Henry had just sat looking at each other.
"Fri ....?" Says we are almost at the same time.
"Yeah ... He said going home ... Fri. And mother udah kangen banget .... A week ago he sempet send a letter and sends her high school diploma to the mother. Mother very grateful as a family of Aden Henry, who was very well received Fri ...., "The middle-aged mother later took a diploma with pride.
"A week ago mengirimu letter?" Henry's eyes widened. Is not been since three months ago Juminah bodies buried, due to an accident. Then a letter from which the mother received Juminah?
"This certificate and the letter," said the middle-aged women.
They looked at each other again. Apparently during this, his mother thought that Juminah Juminah still living in his house.
"I missed you at Fri, yes ...?"
"Of course, Aden ....! Mother miss .... Last ditelpon Fri mother had passed this hp .... Fri her happy. Usually every two or three days he called for a month ... but ... she never again heard from her phone ringing ... .., "a middle-aged women showed a Nokia 2100 which is always held. Henry secretly researching certificates indicated that middle-aged women. Real diploma and certificate really belongs Juminah ever showed when three months ago before the later accident.
"Mom, the number ngabarin not anything more to the mother?"
Middle-aged woman shook her head.
"Eu, ma'am, may enggak see the envelope the letter?" Henry thought to envelope the letter that would be found from the envelope address.
"This is the envelope ....," Middle-aged women showed a brown envelope the size of the F-4 used to send a certificate and a letter size envelope A-6. Henry studied. But in the envelope there was no writing whatsoever. Both the sender address or destination address.